The Amazon forest gives off ¼ of the Earth’s fresh water and as we cut it down that number will also go down. During the last 40 years about 20% of the rainforest has been cut down. Scientists are scared that in the next couple of decades 20% more of the rainforest will be gone. The rainforest is a home for 40,000 plant species, 1,300 different types of birds, 427 mammals, 378 reptiles, 3,000 different fish, and more than 400 different amphibians (WWF). If we keep deforesting the rainforest these different living organisms will have nowhere to live and essentially die off or become endangered. If we think about all the different consequences of cutting down this rainforest I think that we would stop. Not only will cutting down the rainforest harm the life of these species it will also affect the humans way of living. The consequences for us is, global warming, sever droughts that lead to more wildfires that could take out more of the forest, it reduces river levels and with burning of wood Brazil has become one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.
From my point of view I hope that Brazil stops the deforestation of the Amazon because it is just leading to so many problems for a big part of our way of living. We are endangering the lives of plants and animals that have no say in this.

What would you do if someone came and destroyed your home and you couldn’t do anything about it?

-Nicole Bates


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