Water Funding

The United Nations has a resolution (64/292) recognized humans right to water and water sanitation and how it is essential to living. The resolution is to have international organizations provide financial resources, to help countries, in mostly developing countries, to provide safe, clean and accessible drinking water for everyone. In Brazil only 30% of their water is treated so pretty much all of their rivers and water are sewage and a lot of the time their garbage isn’t properly disposed of. There is little funding in Brazil because of their deteriorating economy. So the UN, the Basic Sanitation Company, and Alliance for water are the big contributors on trying to get water sanitation in Brazil. Even in places that have water sanitation systems they are not in proper working condition so they break and the people don’t have it 100% of the time.
My view on this is if there could be more funding in Brazil and not only them but also other developing countries that don’t have water sanitation that would be good. As humans we should have the right to one of the most basic things we need in life to survive. I feel like people are aware of this problem but not informed on how big of an issue it is in so many places. http://projecthumanity.org is one organization that is focusing on bringing water sanitation to developing countries. We just need to get more people aware that this is a big problem and these people could use our help.

-Nicole Bates


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